Product Extra: New Around the Industry

New products from National Gypsum, Rockler, Stone & Pewter Accents, United Plastics, and Wahoo Decks.

National Gypsum. The maker’s new Quick Set and Quick Set Lite setting joint compounds were formulated based on feedback from drywall finishers. Unlike ready-mixed joint compounds, setting joint compounds harden via a chemically driven process that produces stronger joints and solidifies within a set period of time, the maker says. The material can be used in areas sucha s soffits, carports, and other areas subject to intermittent moisture. Coming to market in early 2010, the Quick Set and Quick Set Lite lines will replace the company’s Sta-Smooth and Sta-Smooth Lite products. 800.628.4662.

Rockler. The Pock-It Hole Clamp offers a versatile method of clamping pocket hole joints for properly aligned, tight-fitting results when using pocket screws. While traditional clamps can only hold joints in one orientation, allowing pocket screws to spread the joint or otherwise come out of alignment, the Pock-It Hole Clamp keeps joint faces properly aligned. The tool’s design allows clamping and fastening of double hold pocket joints in one step, and works with 3/8-inch pocket holes on 3/4-inch-thick face frames. The ratcheting handle can be rotated flush so face frames can be clamped while laying flat on the workbench. The Pock-It Hole Clamp can also secure 90-degree joints for boxes or cabinets. 877.762.5537.

Stone & Pewter Accents. Japanese for “calligraphy,” the Sumi-e Collection from the maker’s Lunada Bay Tile division is the firm’s signature line. Sumi-e folds streams of glass pigments into pure, clear, post-consumer recycled glass, which bleeds into the body of each clear tile for a deeply colored and dramatic effect. Shown in the 1 3/8-by-6-inch size, the tiles are available in seven sizes incluing mosaics, bricks, herringbone, and ¾-inch penny round. Fifteen colorways are available. 310.257.1300.

United Plastics Corp. Manufactured from post-industrial scrap, dB Sound Control Barriers are applied to walls and floors to dampen sound and reduce noise. Constructed from recycled ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) plastic (which can be 100% recycled), the product line includes dB-3 Pro Series for new walls, dB2-4Walls for existing walls, and dB-4looring for new subfloors. The acoustical properties of EVA plastic scrap can reduce noise by 75%, according to the manufacturer, and weigh 1 pound-per-square-foot less than drywall-based sound barriers. Ideal for remodeling, dB2-4Walls requires a simple wallpaper-like installation. 336.786.2217.

Wahoo Decks. Like its sister product DryJoist, new DryJoistEZ structural deck drainage system is designed to be easier to handle and more cost effective by containing only two components. Made of marine-grade aluminum, DryJoist EZ serves as the structure of a deck, a waterproofing solution, and a finished ceiling to below-deck spaces with an improved bead board appearance. Able to be installed in wet or dry conditions, DryJoist EZ is ideal for balconies and decks in residential or commercial applications, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a leak-proof guarantee. DryJoist EZ supports the deck boards every 6 inches on center. Planks are 24 feet long and include 5-inch water channels that run the length of the plank, eliminating the need for gaskets, seals, or silicone. 877.270.9387.

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