Product Extra: New and Improved

New products from California Faucets, CalStar, Festool Genova, Green Fiber, Monzi, MTI Whirlpools, and Omnia.

California Faucets. Adding good looks to a usually ignored area of the shower, StyleDrain decorative shower drains are made of solid, forged brass. The patent-pending design addresses consumer dissatisfaction with the small selection of plain, industrial-style drains currently avialbale. With fast water-flow efficiency, StyleDrain is ideal for spa-inspired systemed customized with multiple fittings. The design has no visible screws, and smooth edges make the fitting comfortable underfoot. The square design is also less costly and time-consuming to install, compared with round drains. 800.822.8855.

CalStar Products. Two new green masonry products are now available. Fly ash brick (FAB) and fly ash pavers (FAP) incorporate a post-industrial recycled waste material (fly ash) to deliver a durable product that is both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient to produce. Available in a range of earth tones, FAB and FAP products embody only one-tenth of the energy of a fired clay brick, the maker says, because fly ash is self-cementing and therefore does not require firing. Fly ash bricks and fly ash pavers may help projects earn LEED points. 510.793.9500.

Festool. A new line of Multi-Jetstream-equipped sanders, sanding pads, and abrasives will be available in January 2010. The maker will transition all 6-inch disc abrasives and pads to the new Multi-Jetstream design, which offers higher material removal rates, increases airflow, and results in better dust extraction efficiency than previous designs. The patented technology improves sanding results through the interaction of intake and exhaust air, which results in time and cost savings. The new pads also incorporate an enhanced, heat-resistant StickFix design to extend pad and abrasive life. 888.337.8600.

Genova Products. Color-matched PVC railing is now available for the Genovations decking line. The railing system features aluminum channels support at the top and bottom rails while die-cast metal brackets provide strength, and eliminating the need for extra support brackets. PVC bracket covers hide all hardware for a finished look. Available in birchwood, cedar, driftwood, and sandalwood colors to match Genovations decking, the railing comes in 6- and 8-foot sections and will resist splintering, rot, mold, cracking, and warping. 800.521.7488.

GreenFiber. New retrofit wall and attic insulation features an all-borate, fire-resistant formula that offers a higher level of dust suppressant than other insulations, the maker says. Specially designed for re-insulation applications, the material is a natural fiber blow-in insulation ideal for wall and attic retrofit projects and helps homeowners qualify for federal tax credits. Retrofit wall and attic insulation is available by special order through regular retail channels and insulation contractors. 800.228.0024.

Monzi. Designed to reduce clogged gutters and improve water flow through the gutter system, the Leaf Defier helps defend against foundation failure and other quality issues that can be cause by moisture problems in homes. Unlike other gutter protection systems, the Leaf Defier is an open-cell polyurethane insert specifically shaped and cut to fit snugly inside a gutter. Water flows through the Leaf Defier and into the gutter and downspout while surface debris slides off or blows away. The material is factory-treated with a biocide and fungicide that inhibit mold, mildew, fungus, algae, and moss growth. 866.795.477

MTI Whirlpools. Echoing the strong lines and angles of the contemporary Petra Tub, the Petra Double LV Sink combines minimalist design with the beauty and durability of solid-surface construction. Part of the Boutique collection, the Petra Double LV Sink is a single unit that measures 47 ½ inches long, 14 inches wide and 5 1/8 inches deep. The non-porous material is naturally stain-resistant, easy to clean, and is available in white or biscuit and matte or gloss finishes. Petra can be ordered to install vessel-style on top of a vanity or as a semi-recessed version, as shown. 800.783.8827.

Omnia. Eight new modern lever designs offer soft, fluid aesthetics for contemporary design schemes. All eight designs are available with either a round or square rose, and a choice of polished chrome, satin chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or satin nickel finishes. 800.310.7960.

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