Product Extra: Exterior Roundup

New products from Air Vent, Ladder's Little Helper, Liquid Nails, Milgard, and Weather Guard.

Air Vent. The shingle-over Hip Ridge Vent is designed to improve airflow in non-traditional ridge lines. The low-profile design blends with the hip of the roof, allowing the vent to appear almost invisible when viewed from the ground. An external wind baffle directs airlow up and over the vent, creating an area of low pressure at the vent openings, pulling air out of the attic. Hip Ridge Vent provides 12 square inches of net free area per linear foot. An integrated rain diverter, channels water away from the vent. Slot guides for proper slot opening alignment, and reinforced nail holes help ensure accurate and easy installation. 800.247.8368.

Ladder’s Little Helper. While they have no electrical cords, gas engines, whirling blades or multiple moving parts, ladders send more than 222,000 people to emergency rooms each year, the maker says. A new device called Ladder’s Little Helper wraps around the lip of a gutter to provide a stable base for the ladder to lean against. Rubber on the underside and face of the device provide grip on both the gutter and the ladder, while raised sides prevent sideways movement. Ladder’s Little Helper is constructed of lightweight plastic, and is designed to fit most ladder and gutters. 816.651.2568.

Liquid Nails. New Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive features a nonflammable, extreme-temperature formula that guns easily in temperatures as low as 22º F, and will not run or drip at temperatures up to 120º F, the maker says. Suitable for most common building materials, the adhesive is able to bond wet, frozen, and treated lumber, and can bridge gaps up to 3/8 inch. Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive is VOC-compliant nationwide and is available in 10- or 28-ounce cartridges. 800.634.0015.

Milgard. New Essence Series wood windows combine the warmth of a wood interior with the strength and durability of a fiberglass exterior. Coated with a new fiberglass finishing process, 15 different finishes are available with a lead time of four weeks or less. The entire series carries a full lifetime warranty, including glass breakage. The windows are eligible for federal energy efficiency tax credits through 2010. Choose from pine, vertical-grain Douglas fir, or primed wood ready for painting. Specialized joinery leaves no visible fasteners, nail holes, or staple marks, eliminating the need to finish the interior. The exterior frame features a hidden weep system, and an accessory groove allows for easy attachment of trim, brick mold, and j-channel. 800.645.4273.

Weather Guard. Designed to maximize visibility and enhance safety, the all-steel low-profile saddle box sits just above a truck’s bed rail to keep rear sightlines intact. The box comes in two sizes to fit full-sized and compact pick-up trucks. The box features heavy-duty steel construction and a powder-coat finish in black or white. Crimp- and drill-free mounting brackets make installation easy. An Extreme Protection lock and full weather seal keep contents protected, and a weatherproof power cord pass-through allows for easy tool recharging. 800.456.7865.

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