Product Extra: Exterior Products

New products from CertainTeed, Extreme Adhesives, Paslode, and Schlage.

CertainTeed. Porch posts and columns are available in new shapes and textures to make a statement in outdoor living spaces. New products include round and square PVC exterior columns, and a new authentic woodgrain texture on Certa-Snap post wraps. The new structural columns have a larger diameter than the product line's existing porch posts, and are compatible with Oxford, Kingston, and EverNew vinyl railing products. The new shapes include 8- and 10- inch round tapered, 8-inch round non-tapered, and 8-inch square with coordinating cap and base trim sets. Available in white, all of the columns are sold in 108-inch lengths to accommodate typical 9-foot project heights. The columns are aluminum-reinforced, and can bear up to 18,000 pounds. Certa-Snap Wrap is now available in select cedar finish to coordinat with the Edgewood railing sytsem for a natural wood appearance with the low maintenance of vinyl. 800.233.8990.

Extreme Adhesives. The PVC TrimWelder product line features a weather- and UV-resistant bright wight color that helps joints in PVC trim seemingly disappear. With faster strength development, longer shelf life, and improved sandability than other products, the maker says PVC TrimWelder will not drip or sag, and can fill gaps up to 1/4 inches. The product line includes Laminator low-viscosity adhesive for skin-to-skin laminations in the shop or on the job; Fast Cure for sealing cut edges and providing core-to-core bonds stronger than the PVC itself; and Slow Cure TrimWelder for larger projects where up to 20 minutes is needed to align or position trim pieces. 800.888.4593.

Paslode. A new Fuel Nail Combo Pack with a twist-on adapter lets users of older generation Paslode cordless framing nailers take advantage of the combo pack concept. Now, all of the maker's framing nailers can use PowerBoost Black Tip coated nails (3 and 3 1/4 inches), which are available in the combo pack. The proprietary Black Tip coating allows the nailers to drive nails flush into the hardest engineered lumber, including LVL. Contractors using older versions of Paslode's cordless framing nailer can simply twist off the top on the fuel cell, and add the adapter to make the switch. 800.222.6990.

Schlage. Rather than replace a lock, homeowners can rekey SecureKey locks and deadbolts quickly wihtout removing the lock from the door. A two-step rekeying procedure uses a provided reset key. Also included with each SecureKey lock are two cut brass keys that match the blue reset key, and a blank reset they that can be cut to match an existing key. Additional reset keys are available separately. For homeowners that offer spare house keys to remodelers, housekeepers, baby sitters, and other occasional visitors, the SecureKey lock offers a quick and easy way to secure the home when keys are lost, or homeonwers switch service providers or discontinue home services. SecureKey locks are priced the same as the maker's conventional locks and are available in all styles of residential deadbolts and door locks. 800.847.1864.

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