Product Extra: 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Great stocking stuffers for your employees and your clients.

iGo. As consumers look for easy ways to reduce electricity consumption, the maker introduces three new power products with its iGo Green Technology. Using 85% less standby power than standard power management products, the eco-firendly product line includes a laptop charger, four-receptacle wall outlet, and an eight-outlet automatic recovery surge protector. The iGo Green Technology line detects when a device is not in use, and shuts off the power drain, eliminating vampire power, and helping users conserve electricity. The products automatically power back up when they detect that energy is needed again. 888.205.0093.

MagnoGrip. A clever addition to any toolbox, and an ideal stocking stuffer, the MagnoGrip Wristband is guaranteed to securely hold nails, screws, drill bits, fasteners, and tools. As the maker’s bestselling product, the MagnoGrip wristband comes in red or pink to appeal to both men and women. 888.751.5975.

Majesco Entertainment. Put away your toolbelt and get out your Wii remote to play Our House: Party!, a fast-paced house-renovating party game in which players compete in home improvement projects. A great for to entertain staff or help clients celebrate their new media room, Our House: Party! up to four players will race through Home Depot to pick up tools upgrades, and them compete in a series of mini-games to increase the value of their custom homes. 732.225.8910.

Sentina. Great for bedside tables, camping, or travel, the LED-45 Lighthouse is a talking alarm clock that doubles as a high-powered emergency flashlight. Tapping the top of the Lighthouse will prompt the unit to speak the time and temperature; picking it up activates the LED flashlight. When the Lighthouse is returned to the tabpletop, the LEDs turn off. Requires five AAA batteries. 908.964.8109.

Stiletto Titanium Tools. A unique personalization program allows customers to inscribe any Stiletto tool they currently own or one they purchase in the future. Various placement options, fonts, and characters can be used to add names, monograms, quotes, phone numbers, or even company logos to tools. Choose to inscribe the head or handle of your tools with up to 20 characters. Inscriptions make great gifts, and can also reduce jobsite theft. 800.987.1849.

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