On the Road: Trim-Tex

Remodeling products editor Lauren Hunter stopped by drywall accessories manufacturer Trim-Tex and got a whole new perspective on what drywall can do.

No plain old drop ceilings in the Trim-Tex offices. The drywall accessories manufacturer uses its staff offices as canvases for trying out new products, techniques, and designs. The geometric designs around this ceiling are made entirely of drywall and Trim-Tex edge pieces, and incorporates accent lighting for a dramatic effect.

Constructed entirely of drywall, this dramatic wave ceiling was used in a Trim-Tex promotion, then transplanted to the manufacturing facility's break room. Trim-Tex president Joe Koenig says having the ceiling built out in the break room helps boost the mood for employees, and reminds them what kind of flexible, unique products they're making.

Remodelers can create their own unique crown moldings by incorporating a range of Trim-Tex corner beads.

Trim-Tex materials aren't just for use around the ceiling. This desk, including the legs, is built out of drywall with Trim-Tex products finsihing the curves and smoothing the corners. This photo also gives a view of the Trim-Tex Design & Training Center. The space features several vignettes outfitted with different uses of the Trim-Tex product to show installers the scope of what the product can do. Still under construction, Trim-Tex will hold seminars and training events in the Design & Training Center upon its completion.

Applying Trim-Tex material around a doorway gives the space the look of routed woodwork. The effect gives installers the ability to create wainscoting, cornices, and other interior trim pieces without elaborate woodworking equipment.

A closeup view of the installed, unfinished Trim-Tex product. Staples hold the flexible edging in place beneath drywall mud that finishes the look.

Window casing is another opportunity to incorporate drywall instead of woodworking.

Flexible Trim-Tex curves in ways that wood often can't. Elaborate ceiling effects are made easier than building out spaces with lumber.

Even scrap layers of drywall can be put to use with Trim-Tex. Attractive ceiling medallions, wall art, and other effects can be constructed out of materials that would otherwise be tossed in the trash and taken to a landfill.

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