New Products From the 2013 Remodeling Show

Products Editor Lauren Hunter searched the show floor and found these great products during the 2013 Remodeling Show.

Rolling forward with it new brand identity, USG is introducing the Durock Shower System. The system features an innovative and simplified drain accommodates ABS and PVC bushings, and 2- or 3-inch waste lines, so installers will be covered no matter the situation. Also included in the kit are 150 square feet of waterproofing membrane that's half the thickness of other membranes, and nearly vapor-impermeable at 0.06 perms. The pre-sloped, pre-molded EPS shower pan offers installation consistency and takes the work out of sloping a bed from scratch. Kits are available in 48-by-48, 23-by-60 center drain, or 32-by-60 offset drain configurations. Look for a custom tray program to come soon. USG | 800.950.3839 |

Doing more work on the go? When you outfit your new Ram truck with an 8.4-inch Uconnect multimedia center touchscreen and GPS navigation, you have the option of turning your truck into a wi-fi hotspot. Along with the subscription-based wi-fi service, the vehicle has plenty of outlets to charge your devices (plus a PTO option if you need to run a generator onsite), hands-free calling and voice text reply, and plenty of storage and handy features to give you a mobile office. Dodge |

Anchor SideJob Cargo Racks to your van's ladder racks to get sheet materials out of the cargo area. Voted Most Innovative Product at the 2013 Remodeling Show, the steel bar features a foam-rubber bumper to protect the paint job, and tightens down against the side of the van. The system can hold 450 pounds of cargo, which translates to as many as eight sheets of drywall, nine sheets of plywood, or 32 2x4s. The racks install at the ideal height for transferring materials from your lumberyard cart to the vehicle, and can hold sheets in place so installers can easily scribe or score without bending over. Sidejob | 888.514.3592 |

Crafted from mahogany or knotty alder, Pacific Crest doors have beauty and character, but don't discount their style. Traditional designs are available, but the company says contemporary designs featuring horizontal lites are among the most popular. The pre-hung, pre-finished doors feature matching 4 5/8-inch jambs and adjustable sills. Choose from 6-8 or 8-0 heights. The company keeps doors in stock and ready to ship in three days. Pacific Crest Doors |

Forget about soaking your backerboards or compromising their integrity with hand-cut kerfs. PermaBase Flex polymer-modified cement board has a 6-inch radius at 90 degrees, making it easy to create curved wall designs. Polystyrene beads embedded in the board make the material lighter than traditional cement board and keep it from absorbing moisture. The 1/2-inch-thick sheets are available in standard sizes and install with regular screws. National Gypsum| 800.628.4662 |

Judging by its size and height requirements, you might think you'd have to build a house around the VersaLift Attic Lift, but you'd be wrong. The company says it has installed thousands more of its units in existing homes than in new builds. Available in 15.5 or 35 cubic foot capacities, the lifts mount in an upper floor and extend down. Sensors in the cable assembly can tell when to stop by triggering when the line goes slack. As evidenced by its name, the VersaLift Attic Lift can be placed in an attic and lowered to the space below, allowing for easy storage of seasonal decor, luggage, and other items. Homes with stacked closets can also accommodate the unit, making it easy to move items like heavy laundry baskets from one floor to another. VersaLift | 800.349.0527 |

AGS Stainless's new Olympus Railing System offers an inline horizontal bar rail system broken into easy-to-install pieces with no welding required. Patent-pending universal-joint railing connectors allow anyone to create a custom railing system with simple hand-tool installation. That means it goes up faster, and doesn't require contractors to supervise another trade on the jobsite. The contemporary design is the newest addition to AGS's Clearview product line, and can complement a range of décor styles inside or outside. AGS Stainless |888.842.9492 |

After providing products for some of the country's largest homebuilders, Environmental Stoneworks is moving into the remodeling market with its new Clipstone product. The manufactured stone pieces install one at a time, but go up in a fraction of the time of the maker's own traditional stone products. Installed over 30-pound felt, the clips keep the stones about 5/8 off the substrate, allowing plenty of room for water to escape. Weep holes in the galvanized steel starter channel at the base of the wall give water somewhere to go. Environmental Stoneworks | 800.891.5402 |

Laticrete's latest product, Strata-Mat, offers crack isolation, plus several other unique features. The mat installs with modified or unmodified thinset, and it's translucent, making it easy to see if the thinset doesn't spread to certain places. Mortar hydration vents - those little holes between the stars and circles - allow thinset to cure faster, and offer controlled release of excess moisture from concrete slabs underneath. When used as part of Laticrete's system, users benefit from a lifetime stystem warranty. Laticrete |800.243.4788 |

Keeping a focus on quality control, ProVia has moved to using pre-finished, furniture-grade wood on the inside of its Aeris Wx1000 series windows with a welded vinyl frame and sash on the outside. The combination allows for the warmth and beauty of solid wood inside the home, with a lower-maintenance exterior. Choose from solid oak, cherry, or maple in 16 stain or 16 paint colors, plus five exterior color options. Provia | 877.389.0835|

Forget about sharpening your carpenter's pencil. Just slide an Accutrax Pencil Blade into a utility knife and you have an always-accurate pencil at the ready. The graphite "blade" draws a 0.025-inch line each time. The maker says with regular use, a single blade should last about two months. Pick up a couple of three-packs for a year's worth of handy scribing. Prazi | 508.747.1492 |

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