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New products from GAF, Irwin, Nortiz, RAMCO, and TouchSensor Technologies.

GAF-Elk. Designed after popular Camelot Lifetime Designer Shingles, new Camelot 30 Designer Shingles offer dimensional appeal, a range of color blends, and a luxury look at a cost only slightly higher than standard architectural shingles. Camelot 30 shingles incorporate Advanced Protection technology, reducing fillers in the manufacturing process. The shingles pass ASTM tests for 110 and 150 mph winds, and come with a 30-year limited transferrable warranty. Five colors are available, and all feature StainGuard protection to resist algae stains. 877.423.7663.

Irwin. Two new jaw configurations have been added to the Vise-Grip GrooveLock Pliers product line. Ideal for plumbers, electricians, and maintenance crews, the new Smooth Jaws and Straight Jaws Vice-grips feature press-and-slide-button technology that adjust the lower jaw twice as fast as other adjustable tongue-and-groove pliers, for increased efficiency. The right-angle teeth grip in all directions for maximum bite, while Anti-Pinch ProTouch Grips provide comfort, reduce hand fatigue, and prevent users from pinching palms and fingers. A multi-groove racheting system offers twice the groove positions of traditional groove-joint pliers, the maker says. GrooveLock all-purpose jaws adjust to grip flat, round, hex, and square surfaces. A range of sizes is available from 6 to 20 inches in length, and 1 1/8- to 6-inch jaw capacities. 800.464.7946.

Noritz. In addition to heating water on demand, the NR83-DVC tankless water heater offers lower emissions, reduced electrical consumption, and easier recyclability later on. The new design features reduced amounts of hexad chrome in the coating of the exterior and burner case; reduced levels of lead in the water-flow servomotor, lighting protector, and circuit board; reduced cadmium in the inlet/outlet bracket; and reduced consumption of standby electricity. With flow rates from 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm) to 8.3 gpm, the NR83-DVC is designed specifically for one-bathroom homes in the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada, as well as two-bathroom homes in the Southeast and Southwest. Other features include a compact design, commercial-grade heat exchanger, adjustable concentric venting, and a programmable remote controller. 866.766.7489.

RAMCO. GreenRock Paver Base helps set a firm, stable base for paver installation projects without depleting the earth’s natural resources. Made from crushed 100% recycled roofing tiles, concrete paving stones, and concrete block, the blending technique gives the sand a natural color and texture that complements a variety of paver sizes and color. GreenRock contains no added coloring and is packaged in convenient ½ cubic foot bags. 877.732.8356.

TouchSensor Technologies. The LevelGuard Home Sump Pump Control uses solid-state Field-Effect technology to detect the presence of water in residential sump pits, without making direct contact with the fluid. The LevelGuard control is used to turn residential sump pumps on and off with more reliable performance than mechanical float switches. The technology’s low-power electric field detects the presence of conductive fluids, such as water, determines its state, and activates the pump as needed. LevelGuard products are ideal for sump, lift station, underground vault, wet well, and storm water fluid level management applications. 877.342.3261.

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