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Stylish exterior design ideas sure to boost curb appeal.

Structure EPS Now available in a 16-foot 8-inch long length, Structure EPS insulated vinyl siding from Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem can be installed quicker and with less waste than standard lengths. The 1 1/4-inch polystyrene backer provides an R-value boost (up to 2.5 in the Double 4 1/2-inch Dutch lap style), which helps reduce the impact of thermal bridging between wall studs, and minimizes air leakage. Structure EPS meets insulated siding requirements for the Energy Star Qualified Homes program and is available in single 7-inch, double 6-inch, and double 4 1/2-inch Dutch lap styles and 16 colors. Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem | 800.788.1964 | mastic.com

CraneBoard Exterior Portfolio by Crane’s CraneBoard Solid CoRe Siding is available in six new, bold colors: olive, nutmeg, desert, graphite, slate, and Stratford blue. The line of insulated siding products is available in triple 6-inch, double 7-inch, and board & batten profiles. CraneBoard Solid CoRe Siding is available in 22 colors total, offering greater design flexibility to mix and match colors, shapes and textures for a designed home that truly reflects a personal style. Exterior Portfolio by Crane | 800.366.8472 | exteriorportfolio.com

HardieShingle Modifications in shingle widths and a re-engineered texture combine to create a new version of HardieShingle siding that offers improve visual authenticity. The material is avaialble in individual shingles or 4-foot panels with straight, staggered, or rounded edges for a textured finish. The natural grain texture adds the character of cedar shingles. The fiber cement material is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and is available with a multi-coat, baked-on ColorPlus factory finish. James Hardie | 888.542.7343 | jameshardie.com

Laurel Cavern Ledge StoneCraft's Laurel Cavern Ledge stone veneer gets its rugged and rustic aesthetic from the real, handpicked stones it's crafted from. Suitable for interior or exterior applications, the versatile profile is avaialble in four colors and is indented for dry-stacked installation. The stone range from 1 to 2 1/2 inches in height and 4 to 8 inches in length. Some stones are "doubled" to help increase installation speed. StoneCraft | 888.580.6448 | stonecraft.com

LedgeCut33 The highly textural, yet contemporary design of LedgeCut33 lets users lend a dry-stacked linearity to any project. The stone installs with a clean, dry-stack application that creates instant visual appeal. The 33 in the name represents the stone's 3-inch height and three widths of 12, 18, and 24 inches. Individual pieces guarantee a natural and authentic appearance in three avaialble colors: birch, dune (Shown), and sage. Eldorado Stone | 800.925.1491 | eldoradostone.com

SureTouch In a unique new stone veneer system, SureTouch by OldCastle combines current masonry trends with convenience and energy effiicency benefits. The system uses polystyrene panel backers into which installers place modular stones or bricks in a paint-by-number style. The panels offer an r-value of 13.5 and are trimmed to 45 degrees at the corners to easily wrap around buildings. Once stones are placed in the panels, installers can easily pipe in mortar, without the need for a mason. Oldcastle | 877.506.2745 | suretouchusa.com

VersaWrap The expanded VersaWrap Column System now includes an 8-by-8-inch column wrap and an enhanced line of architectural trim products. Customer feedback inspired the product additions, including the new column wrap which is avaialble in a one-piece, 10-foot-long, pre-cut column cladding system. A friction-fit closing system creates a tight, secure enclosure around rough-sawn wood posts. The new size features an inside dimension of 8 1/4inches. New molding kits and caps coordinate with VersaWrap installations, and include bed, base, and crown molding kits, and Belmont post caps. Versatex | 724.857.1111 | versatex.com

Kleer Choose from 18 profiles of PVC molding for finishing touches and exterior trim. The cellular PVC material is made in free-foam extrusion process that helps ensure consistency in thickness, density, cell structure, and finish. The resulting moldings are moisture- and pest-resistant, and will not rot, warp, splinter, or decay, the maker says. Kleer moldings can eb painted with acrylic latex paints, which will not chip or peel once fully cured. Kleer Lumber | 866.553.3770 | kleerlumber.com

IQm Trim Through-color IQm trim saves installers and homeowenrs the hassle of painting their own trim, and eliminates concerns over color-matching imperfect edges. Available in 17 colors, the material is protected from fading by an ASA cap. An AquaFlex fina nd integrated 1-inch J-channel help guide water away from the wall and give a finished appearance. IQm's deep pocket can accommodate fiber cement, vinyl, stone, and wood siding, and can be worked and fastened like other trim materials. Choose from 1x6- or 1x4-inch board sizes, both in 12-foot-six-inch lengths. IQm | 888.289.1169 | iqmtrimboards.com

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