Merit Award: Green Remodeling: Open-Plan Octagon

By adding an upper story to this octagonal house, remodeler Sylvain Cote was able to capture a view of the lake. The house is capped with a cupola that has six operable windows for passive cooling during warm weather. The remodeler also installed trellises over south-facing windows and doors for summer shading, and chose tinted glass to reduce solar heat gain. Four of the roof facets hold photovoltaic panels. Exposed eaves have 4-foot overhangs to provide shading to minimize summer heat gain.

None of the interior walls are load bearing. Each level of the house has a different re-milled wood floor: hickory, chestnut and pine. The walls are natural earth plaster applied over drywall.

The dining table is made of surplus reclaimed wood flooring. The stone chimney rises 48-feet from the crawlspace, and is central to all three floors of the house.

The existing home was taken down to its cinder block foundation. The wall studs from the original home were salvaged and re-used, some for temporary bracing, concrete forms, blocking and nailers.

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