Merit Award: Good Bones

This restaurant occupies the space between a historic masonry facade and a 1980s midrise building in the heart of San Francisco's financial district. Designer Joshua Aidlin says, "The client wanted to transform a once dark and cavernous space into a modern setting to showcase his nouvelle barbecue cuisine."

The space before the renovation.

The restaurant's warm interior glow and dynamic sculptural canopy beckon diners inside.

The canopy, which bridges the gap between the old and the new, filters and reflects light to balance light levels in the front and rear of the space.

The canopy's undulating form, says designer Joshua Aidlin, is "evocative of smoke, charred wood, and the skeletal remains" of the barbecued food. The canopy was created by laser-cutting a series of MDF fin profiles extracted from a 3-D model generated by the architect.

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