Merit Award: Ceiling Fans

This remodel created an open plan and added richness to the design by making a feature of the wood ceiling the clients loved so much.

Before: The home’s existing interior had a very closed off, boxy feel as the entire first floor was compartmentalized.

After: The new design’s open plan literally broke down barriers and fully exposed the ceiling that the homeowners loved so much.

Before: The home’s façade showed its age from the globe porch light to the painted wood siding.

After: New clad wood windows, metal roofing, and mahogany siding bring the 1960s era exterior into the 21st Century and nicely matches the new interior upgrades.

Before: The original kitchen was closed off from the dining room.

After: The kitchen was moved to the former dining room location in the corner of the house. The additional exterior walls accommodate cabinets while the kitchen opens up to the adjacent dining area.

Before: The bathrooms were one of the most dated spaces in the house.

After: New fixtures and finishes as well as a new skylight have turned this once-dated bathroom into a luxurious amenity (note the heated towel racks!).

The home's revamped exterior still echoes its 1960s past but preserves it in a more contemporary manner.

Inside the new foyer, old partitions and railings were replaced with new low walls and cable railing to expand the view upward and inward upon entering the home.

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