Maximizing Stair Storage

Soft Glow A concealed linear incandescent light fixture is hidden behind the trim. The project was completed four years ago, but Stewart Davis says that if he were doing the project today, heíd use LED lighting, which lasts longer, does not burn as hot, and provides more even illumination.

During: Space Maximizer For this discrete under-stair storage, shallow shelves make use of the taller end of the space. These shelves were eventually covered with a plywood door.

During: Practical & Neat The side of the space houses a closet with 36-inch-wide full-extension drawers that are either 8 inches or 10 inches deep. Burdi did not include lighting in the closet because the hallway light provides enough illumination when drawers are extended.

After: Precision Cuts The side and end doors are cut from a single piece of plywood. Carpenters used a router to create a seamless look. The back edges of the doors are beveled so they close flat, and the doors open using touch latches.

During: Making Space The garage is on the other side of the back wall of the storage space, but there is no access to the television from that side. The homeowner has to pull out the TV and other equipment to make any repairs or adjustments.


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