It's All in the Name

DAP's new labeling technique makes choosing the right adhesive or sealant easy.


Match it Up The DAP Spec Line is the first collection of sealants and adhesives designed specifically to meet industry specs for certain job types. Aligned with the most common specs for window, door, siding, subfloor, and drywall applications, each product in the series is named for the spec it meets. For example, window sealant DraftStop 812 meets AAMA 812, while DynaGrip 3498 meets ASTM D3498. Siding sealant DynaFlex 920 (which meets ASTM C920) features an additional labeling convention that identifies the exact brands of siding that color of sealant complements. DAP - 800-543-3840 -

Pest Protection Seal gaps and cracks around the house and simultaneously prevent entry for pests with Great Stuff Pestblock. Designed to keep out ants, roaches, spiders, bees, mice, and other rodents while also air sealing the structure, Great Stuff expands to fill, seal, and insulate gaps up to 1 inch. Ideal for use around common trouble spots, such as gaps surrounding PVC pipes, dryer and exhaust vents, sill plates and rim joists, under baseboards, around plumbing and faucets, and attic hatch frames. Dow - 866.583.2583 -

Roof Repair Silicone-based and solvent-free GacoSeamSeal comes in a liquid formulated with a unique thickening agent that gives the material the properties of traditional roof tape as it dries. Unlike roof tape, however, GacoSeamSeal can be applied with a brush, trowel, piping bag, or roller for faster and easier work. Following GacoSeamSeal application, roofing installers can use the maker's GacoFlex S-20 to apply a complete silicone coating to the roof for long-lasting waterproofing. Gaco Western - 877.699.4226 -

Sound Off In combination with the maker’s drywall adhesive, Acoustical Sound Sealant helps create a complete wall system that reduces drafts and deadens noise. The sealant maintains the wall’s specific Sound Transmission Class and has been tested to ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke generation. It is nonflammable, low-odor, VOC-compliant, and can be cleaned with water. Liquid Nails - 800.634.0015 -

Grab Hold With nearly nine times the tack of competitive products, according to the maker, Power Grab Clear Construction Adhesive dries clear for a smooth finish. The adhesive helps hold projects in place without the need for nailing or bracing, and can be repositioned for up to 15 minutes. Bonds to wood, drywall, concrete, and rigid plastic, and is ideal for a range of projects from installing drywall to repairing retaining walls. Loctite - 800.624.7767 -

Clean Seal Backed by a seven-year product and labor-cost replacement warranty, MildewFree kitchen and bathroom caulk is guaranteed to prevent mildew growth on the sealant. The elastomeric material is also designed to stretch without tearing, cracking, or pulling away. A 6-ounce tube of MildewFree is enough to caulk an average shower enclosure. The material resists damage from abrasive cleaners, and cleans up easily with water. Sashco - 800.289.7290 -

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