Iowa State University'­s Interlock House

The house isn't pretty, but its ADA-compliant design and proven energy-efficient technologies shone brightly at the Solar Decathlon.

Show off the team's Midwest roots, the exterior and deck of the Iowa State Interlock House are made of locally harvested cedar.

Nana Wall movable glass walls open up the sun porch for additional interior living space; when both sets are open, they provide ventilation while extending the living area outdoors.  

The Interlock House's central living space opens to gardens north and south; the semi-private bedroom includes a Murphy bed that folds up to provide room for the home office.

An Iowa team member shows off louvers on the outside of the windows that, when shut, keep heat and cold out better than interior shades.

The Iowa State students covered these energy-efficient Pella doors with a material made of resin and recycled grain and etched a wheat pattern into them.

The black ceramic floor absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night.

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