High Drama

A multitude of stylish materials bring a master bathroom to life.

The walnut vanity countertops with vessel sinks and center storage unit are mounted on the wall. The owners chose a similar installation for their powder room and liked the open feel created by wall-mounted units. Menta specified polished chrome decorative traps so the exposed plumbing would look presentable. The mirrored medicine cabinets have a defogger and integrated outlets.

The expanded shower has two showerheads, a handheld fitting, a seat bench, shaving mirror, and three alcoves. The pebble floor has an organic feel, and the radiant heating in the main bathroom floor extends to the shower floor.

The new Jacuzzi whirlpool has an undermount application. Interior designer Kate Menta eliminated the wenge top and, instead, set the tub in a frame of Brazilian multicolored slate. The stone installers enhanced the tile with a chemical to bring out the vibrant colors, then sealed it to maintain the color. “They are one of the few clients who I knew would be open to the drama and willing to take a risk,” Menta says.

Menta worked within the existing master bath footprint. “We typically do not break through walls unless there is a definite need,” she says. “We had more than enough space here.” The biggest change, per the owners’ request, was expanding the original 32-inch-by-55-inch shower to a large barrier-free 58-inch-by-96-inch space. The original bathroom had a vanity on either side of the tub.

Menta placed the new vanities side-by-side on one wall and included a small wall-mounted box between the shower and tub to provide additional storage. The upgraded lighting system includes separate controls for each of the four zones.

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