Grand Award, Whole-House Remodeling, over $500,000

Stripping this asymmetrical home down to its saltbox shape, architects Moore and Warren helped it find its roots and become a modern, livable dwelling that still maintains its quirky charm.

The rear addition preserves the facade's modest charm and adheres to strict zoning restrictions. The home grew from 2,487 square feet to 3,995 square feet. Deteriorating stucco was replaced and tinted a moss green.

Cooking meals together is a vital activity for this family. To reflect this importance, the kitchen space was moved to the home's center as an organizing element.

Virginia soapstone counters and other materials help to connect the home back to indigenous materials and the local culture.

By relocating the stair from just inside the front door to the center, "we were able to rearrange everything in the house," says Moore. This allowed for two comfortable bedrooms at the front, and a spacious master suite as part of the rear addition.

Harmonious colors and materials lead the eye through the living room and to the dining room. The home is "balanced and consistent throughout," said the judges.

Reclaimed oak cider vats were used as flooring throughout the home.

The new master bathroom has dual sinks and a tub, as well as large separate shower.

A plinth of locally quarried stone wraps the base of the structure (and the back porch, shown) and anchors it to the earth.

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