Grand Award 4: Past Is Prologue

In this historic property in Los Angeles, the architect took the challenge of the building's historic designation and responded with creative solutions to create a cozy home.

The 122-year-old carriage house is located in a downtown Los Angeles Historic District and will be used as a pool house and/or guest cottage.

Existing northwest elevation. Note the second window from the left on the first floor. It will become a door to the new pool area.

The carriage house's south elevation before renovation.

The architectural challenge was to maintain the carriage house's historic fabric, while updating the building. Tracy Stone restored and refinished the original siding in keeping with the guidelines set by the City of Los Angeles' Office of Historic Resources. .

A rudimentary bathroom existed on this spot. Upgrades pay homage to the carriage house's history with restored Douglas fir siding while looking forward with stainless fixtures.

The original Douglas fir was refinished and kept in the first floor bathroom. This view is from the inside of the shower, where a rock garden and plantings sit in the area where the headroom is low.

New galley kitchen and sliding room divider panels. When closed, the panels are lit from behind so the space functions as a lantern.

The first-floor seating area's design was informed by the existing site conditions. The seat back's height corresponds to the joint between the original siding and later modifications. Lights tracks are embedded beneath the movable custom Ottoman and above the sofa.

The bedroom takes up most of the second floor.

Detail of the new second floor ceiling, an MDS bead board painted white.

Existing second floor interior. The view is from what is now the master bedroom toward the bathroom. Because of historic preservation rules, Stone couldn't add windows, which would change the exterior.

Light filtering through translucent wall in master bath to bedroom. One of many creative ways to bring light in since exgterior windows couldn't be added.

In the master bath, fixtures were pulled away from the existing walls and tied into a new low-tiled wall. This design allowed the existing siding to remain untouched. The translucent wall allows light to pass through into the bedroom.

The master bath has custom stainless cabinets, towel warmer, new tile finishes, and stainless fixtures. TK

Tracy A. Stone Architects remodeled the carriage house, refinishing the siding to create a warm tone that's mimicked in the new wooden decks. Aligned with the existing main house, the new pool creates a strong connection with the carriage house and forms outdoor living space that was nonexistent in the original design.

A series of decks and pools encourage outdoor living. Clean, contemporary forms and materials enhance -- not fight -- exisitng historic vocabulary.

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