Flow With It

An outdoor remodeling project makes the most of river views and creates outdoor entertaining areas that flow together.

Cook Out This modest cooking area (grill, refrigerator) is conveniently located adjacent to the sunroom and kitchen. Hugo prefers integrated, rather than freestanding grills. The terrace walls here and throughout the landscape have a low profi le to maintain the river view.

Pool It was challenging to make the original pool (odd location and shape) seem integral to the design and more connected to the house. Architect Jay Hugo replaced the original steep, narrow path with terraces for a “graceful transition,” using consistent materials.

Porch Hugo, who is principal owner of 3North, created the initial design concept. He and remodeler Mark Franko periodically reviewed site lines and adjusted the design accordingly. Hugo updated the size and spacing of the porch columns to maintain the view. The porch’s original 16-foot depth was too close to the pool, so the team pulled it back 2 feet. The porch’s focal point is a wood-burning fi replace made of cinder block fi nished with stucco. Placing it in a covered area close to the house, Hugo says, increases its functionality.

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