Floor Protection

Protective technique prevents damage to existing floors

Phase II purchases the 5-foot-wide foam, which is usually used under laminate flooring, in 300-foot rolls from a wholesaler. The foam costs 35 cents per linear foot.

The crew tapes the seams of the foam. On hardwood floors, carpenters install a layer of rosin paper under the foam to prevent moisture from seeping through to the floor. If there is a carpet, the carpenters overlap the protective film over the foam.

Phase II’s crew places a layer of 1/8-inch-thick Masonite ($9 for a 4-foot by 8-foot sheet) over the foam, but for heavy traffic areas, upgrade that to 1/4-inch-thick Masonite ($13 per sheet). The company stores about 200 sheets of Masonite at the shop sorted by cut pieces, clean, and dirty.

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