Excellent Exits

Pet entries and exits designed to accommodate all sizes, from cats to large dogs.  

This door was built by Kenneth Chrisman, owner of Kenneth Chrisman Construction to allow the homeowner's cats to have their own entrance. The small door can also be locked when the owners want time away from the cats. 

Cat door by Mosby Building Arts was built into a door to allow the homeowner's cats easy access to the basement.

Dog door by AP Kimball Construction.

Mosby Building Arts constructed this dog ramp, so the homeowner's basset hounds can go from the deck to the yard without having to use the steps. 

The ramp allows these now young dogs to age in place, giving them easy access to an automated doggy door that's triggered by a sensor on their collars. This is part of a larger project by OnSight Construction to accommodate the owner's large dogs. 

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