Contractor Develops Photo Management Software

One contractor turns jobsite photo management into a tech start-up with a product thatís gaining traction in the market

Threshold creator Adam Freeman says he and his team applied the concept of the "news feed" popularized by the Facebook platform to help users manage multiple projects from one account.

The Project Assistant can be accessed from anywhere on the site and offers text and video tutorials for uploading plans and photos as well as other troubleshooting support.

With Threshold's mobile app, users can take photos and tag them on the jobsite. Tags can be unique to each project and allow users to index and find images more easily later.

Users can upload multiple plans (architectural, structural, plumbing, or electrical, for example) for one project and tag and view photos based on which plan they correspond with.

The plans also can be overlaid, justifying relative to the architectural plan.

The platform comes together in the Dynamic View window, in which users can drag images from the image bank to the proper room on their plans, creating buckets of images for each area of the project.

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