Case Study: North Carolina Remodel Soars Beyond LEED Platinum

Determined to use his home as a demonstration of the many green building possibilities, architect Jay DeChesere left no option untouched when designing this LEED-Platinum gut rehab.

Design updates, extra space, and an array of green features modernized and enhanced the Talon Court house. Turf area on the property was reduced to 18% of landscaped area; existing plants were protected or relocated and new plants are native and drought-tolerant. The 100% pervious lot ensures no stormwater leaves the site.

Due to roof orientation, the solar panels were ground-mounted in the rear yard behind the garden. Drought-tolerant plants were used, as well as zone- and rain-delay-controlled irrigation. Wood from the existing fence was reused for decorative semi-private fencing around the carport and side deck.

Features in the new modern kitchen include Whirlpool Energy Star appliances, concrete countertops made with 40% recycled content, 3form decorative panels, and Teragren bamboo flooring.

Interior doors were crafted by a local artist from discarded and reclaimed cabinet wood and rubbed with a no-VOC finish. DeChesere estimates the 1 3/4-inch-thick doors feature about 15 types of wood, including a cedar mantle from the existing house.

The bathrooms include Icestone countertops, American Standard low-flow faucets and showerheads, and a Toto 1.28-gpf toilet or American Standard dual-flush toilet.

The former garage was turned into a home office to add space without increasing the original home’s footprint.

A green roof on top of the new carport collects rainwater.

The Talon Court house before its remodel.

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