At Home With Automation

Even features that seems small -- such as lights turning on automatically -- can make a big impact for users.

The view from the 28th floor of Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.

A close-up of the bedside room automation control panel. In setting the alarm clock, I was able to tell the system to turn on the TV on a certain channel, turn on the lamp, open the curtains, and -- oh yeah -- what time to wake me up.

When I walked into the room, the TV automatically came on, tuning to the control panel.

A tablet-sized bedside control and wall-mounted lighting functions.

Master controls were mounted next to the hotel room door so I could turn off and close everything at once on my way out of the room. And who needs a Do Not Disturb sign when you can press the "Privacy" button?

Mounted alongside the desk area was a panel of just about every outlet a mobile user could need.

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