Affordable Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Products by Sterling®

Accord® Bath/Showers are easy-to-install, caulkless multi-piece bath/shower units made from solid Vikrell® material that is lightweight, durable and easy-to-clean.

Sterling’s Accord® Seated Shower sports a wide movable removable seat, loads of storage and a curved back wall allowing for plenty of room to move about comfortably. Like all Accord units, this shower snaps together quickly and seamlessly.

Designed to fit a standard stud pocket size, the Sterling® Lawson Baths, Air Massage Baths and Whirlpools are ideal for retrofitting into a standard stud-pocket. Available as a drop-in bath or whirlpool that can be an easy island install or add an apron for a fast alcove installation without additional tools.

Finesse™ QID Shower Doors  have the Quick Install® system - a compression-fit mechanism with an adjustable track frame. These shower doors require only an allen wrench to install so no cutting or drilling is required. Installs in no time!

The  Sterling® Stinson® High Effiecieny Two-Piece Toilet with Pro Force® Technology  delivers consistent, reliable bulk flushing power with only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. With a larger base, this toilet is designed to cover the old footprint left by many standard two-piece toilets. For a coordinated look this toilet can be paired with the Stinson® lavatory.

With little effort to install, the Stinson® Self-Rimming or Undercover Lavatory gives you dependable performance and distinctive visual appeal for your home. Matches the Stinson toilet design lines for a well-coordinated look in any bathroom.

Sterling's Cinch® Stainless Steel Undercounter D-Bowl Sink is available with an integrated faucet deck that eliminates the need to drill faucet holes in the countertop.

Slope® Kitchen Sinks crafted of scratch and chip resistant solid Vikrell® material feature an angled basin divider that helps keep counters dry. Install and wipe clean with ease.

The Latitude® Utility Sink available with an attractive stand is designed with a unique stepped ledge in the basin that adds convenience for a variety of tasks.

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