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A Georgian-style plantation home in Virginia's Tidewater area gets a modern update in keeping with its history.

Double-Sided Historic “Vaucluse” (built in 1784) really has two fronts. Below is the post-renovation roadside entry with formal gardens. The photo shows the waterfront entrance before renovation. Muse Architects removed out-of-character additions, constructed new additions, and renovated and restored many of the outbuildings, driveways, walkways, and gardens.


Grand Arrival Before modern roads, most people arrived at Vaucluse by boat. The creek-side entry, now restored to its previous grandeur, mirrors the original roadside entry (SM LOCATE--right).



The Right Stuff Earlier upgrades just didn’t mesh, but 21st-century details create the right feel: a working fireplace looks balanced beside a prefab pizza oven, a wood storage area and decorative platter; custom cabinets and a custom-paneled fridge and freezer look completely appropriate.

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