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Attract Younger Customers by Adapting Sales Methods

Each passing generation seems to further embody the idea of wanting it now. Whatever the problem, we expect there to be an app for that; a way to fix it and fix it quick. So where does that leave the remodeler with a six-to-eight-week lead time? Probably with a whole lotta 'splainin� to do. More

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Think It's Time to Abandon Traditional Media? Not So Fast!

If you think you need to shift all your marketing efforts to the Web, marketing expert Jim Rafferty gives you reason to reconsider. More

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Requiem for a Brand

What happens when†"one of the oldest and most well-respected remodeling companies" in Baltimore, as it's described on the company's website,†suddenly closes its doors. More

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Making It Memorable: Why Branding Matters

Jim Rafferty on why a consistent, ongoing branding strategy is essential: It positions your company in the minds of consumers, helping your other marketing efforts. More

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Really? Musings on Lead Generation & Professionalism

Why pay for leads through a lead-gen service if you canít even take the trouble to provide a professional estimate? More

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