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Taking the 'Boo' Out of Measuring Social Media

If you as an adult measure Halloween's success rate�by how much candy you gave out, well, you might be using the wrong metric, Bruce Case says. And you might be making the same mistake when benchmarking your social media efforts. More

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Restoring Coca-Cola Co. Founder Asa Candler’s Early 1900s Mansion Restoring Coca-Cola Co. Founder Asa Candler’s Early 1900s Mansion

Coca-Cola may be an institution, but the mansion built by the soft drink company's founder was crumbling. Its renovation and restoration won a Georgia team a Remodeling Design Award. More

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How to Get Paid for Your Work

Collecting what's due †starts with having the right attitude, but knowing some useful techniques to get paid also will help, Bruce Case says. More

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Modernizing a Historic Eichler Home Modernizing a Historic Eichler Home

Renovation maintains the lines of this classic design while enhancing its connection to the outdoors. More

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Looking Forward: How a Production Dashboard Can Help You Proactively Track Production

BRUCE CASE advises remodelers to take a proactive approach to production -- offensive rather than defensive -- to address issues before they become problems. More

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Sales Success Through a Return to the Basics

BRUCE CASE: Forget the fancy lingo and selling systems, and let's get back to sales basics. More

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Recovery Time: Using Slow Times to Get Set for Success When the Pace Quickens

BRUCE CASE: Make sure your marketing, team, sales processes, and regulatory compliance are in order for the busier times to come. More

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Happy Balance: Tips for Achieving It Happy Balance: Tips for Achieving It

BRUCE CASE: When it comes to finding happiness and balance at home and at work, it helps to only sweat the stuff thatís within your control. More

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Measuring Your Team Measuring Your Team

Two key metrics for measuring team strength. More

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