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Marketing plan for a combination cabinet shop and interior design firm

The media kit for Borrelli Design and Cabinetry is itself an example of high design. The cover is cut along a gently curving line, and the kit opens to reveal business cards and press releases, as well as a disc loaded with images. The piece is just one element of a comprehensive rebranding effort the company undertook in 2006, and an example of what a strong brand identity can do for a company. More

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Plan ahead to maintain success

In the fast-paced world of remodeling, you have to plan ahead to maintain success. More

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Research drivers before you insure

Insurance is often reactive: have an accident, file a claim. But avoiding claims will keep your premiums down. So when it comes to auto insurance, remodelers must be proactive. More

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Claiming its green doesn't make it so

Responding to growing consumer demand for green construction, companies industrywide are brandishing green credentials. Critics, however, warn of "greenwashing," the practice of claiming limited or superficial green practices as representative of a true green identity. More

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Moving Into the Office

It's an old adage in the industry: Work on the business, not in it. Sounds great, but how to do it when you have six sites to visit and a dozen fires to put out? For Jeff Titus of Titus Built in Wilton, Conn., the answer was to delegate. More

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Motivate talented employees while maintaining profit margins

Throughout most of the nation, upscale remodelers are struggling with the ever-thinning pool of skilled labor. With fewer quality hands around, it's an employee's market. More

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Electronic Billing

If you've ever paid any of your personal bills online, you might have considered how easy the whole process is, especially if you've set up an automatic direct debit from your bank account. More

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All-In-One Marketing

Imagine paying one fee for a list of local prospects, marketing materials to send to them, and an electronic lead and contact management system to track each lead from sales call to job completion and beyond. That's what's on offer if you're willing to drop $3,995 on MarketSharp (www.marketsharp.com), an all-in-one prospect database, lead tracker, and direct mail marketing coordinator. More

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Constrained Space Design

Remodeler Bob DeHaan found a clever solution to his clients' desire for both a spacious remodeled dining room and custom cabinetry, reaching beyond the footprint without building an addition. More

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Second Look: Ellen Cheever

When Ellen Cheever was named to the Big50 in 1987, she had just left her kitchen and bath design practice. Now, she's come full circle. More

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