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What Daily Information Do Replacement Contractors Need To Ensure Their Business Is Thriving?

For replacement contractors, business is all about sales and marketing and ensuring there are enough leads in the pipeline. We take a look at the numbers these companies track daily to maintain their business. More

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Business How-To: Measure and Analyze Leads Business How-To: Measure and Analyze Leads

Key to sustaining, and growing, a remodeling business is a balanced mix of past and future customers. Tracking your lead sources is essential to your business health and marketing plans. More

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Personality Tests and Profiles Can Help Everyone Get Along

What makes Mazmanian, a certified professional behavior analyst, so certain of the qualities of his client's employees is a combination of experience and tools. He has been working with contractors for 15 years and uses the DiSC, a behavioral profiling tool used since 1945 on about 20 million people, and the PIAV, a 20-year-old personal interests, attitudes, and values assessment that measures why people act the way they do and what drives them. More

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Shows of Appreciation

We have something we call our Cooperative Marketing Program. Basically, if you're a past customer of ours and you refer someone to us, we'll pay you 2% of the job's purchase price. More

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