How Ethnic Groups Differ in Home Preferences How Ethnic Groups Differ in Home Preferences

Whites, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians generally have small but notable differences in what they value most in a home, an NAHB study reveals. Knowing those differences can affect what you stress during a sale. Read more

Is Flood Insurance Your Problem? Is Flood Insurance Your Problem?

If you don't know much about substantial improvement, it could be. Read more

NARI Urges OSHA to Postpone Silica Rule NARI Urges OSHA to Postpone Silica Rule

A group of 25 industry associations have banded together to ask OSHA to rethink its far-reaching and costly silica dust proposal. Read more

EPA: We Have No Plans to Push Creation of Proper Lead-Paint Test Kits

Three years after an upgrade of part of its lead-paint rule took place and still without any kits that meet its tougher standard, EPA says it has neither plans nor resources to promote the creation of kits designed to accurately detect the presence of lead in paint. Read more

Lead-Paint Rule Backer Rebuts NAHB, Says: Look to Your Own Ethics Code

In his second response to NAHB Remodelers for backing changes to the lead-paint rule, New Jersey remodeler Wayne Baruch says that the group's own ethics code should persuade it that seeking to water down the rule's impact is a bad idea. Read more

Remodelers, Others Poke Holes in Arguments for Extending Lead-Paint Rule

Representatives from remodeling groups and industry associations are giving the Environmental Protection Agency numerous reasons why it should reconsider its plans to extend the lead-paint rule to public and commercial buildings. Read more

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