According to a Clutch survey, nearly half of all small business in the U.S. are still not leveraging the capabilities of cloud storage technology. Using cloud technology helps small businesses run in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. There are three big reasons that your remodeling business should invest in cloud computing technology: security, mobility, and efficiency.

  1. Making sure your business is secure is a vital component of running a business. You need to protect the data of your clients. Your clients need to know that their information is secure. For cloud storage providers, their top priority is keeping data secure. An on-site server could easily be hacked into and with one move, all of the data is gone. With cloud computing there are various security measures in place to make sure that one compromise doesn’t lose all of your information.
  2. The mobility of cloud computing is one of its greatest benefits. With just an internet connect, you can access, share, and work on files while you’re on the go. Have a previous project that could be a source of inspiration for you new client? If you have all of your information on cloud storage, you can easily pull it up instead of having to wait until you get back to the office to e-mail it to your client.
  3. Cloud computing is also the most efficient for small business. According to Nucleus Research, cloud applications delivers 1.7 times more return on an investment compared to on-premise applications. Using the cloud could result in you having to spend less on consulting and less on support personnel.
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