Yahoo Real Estate's Jennifer Karmon profiles a new plastic house model, designed by the Plastics Make It Possible campaign, which measures 200 square feet. The home came together with the help of Tiny House Nation host Zack Giffin, and seeks to illustrate the potential for modern plastic materials to lighten the environmental burden of housing and other buildings. To conserve energy, the home uses spray foam insulation to fill temperature inefficient gaps, wood-look vinyl flooring with an insulating foam barrier beneath it, vinyl windows, and plastic solar shingles. 

“We built our tiny house as a fun and topical way to show homeowners the advanced plastic building products that can significantly increase energy efficiency in homes big and small,” Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council, told Yahoo Real Estate.

“Modern insulation products made with plastics can dramatically reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool homes – tiny or not – by creating an effective air buffer between indoor and outdoor temperatures,” he said. “Modern plastic building materials are very versatile–foam insulation, rigid window frames, flexible sealants–and work together to form an uninterrupted barrier between indoors and outdoors.”

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