Lead poisoning is something that always should be on a remodeler's mind when remodeling older homes. Checking for lead paint in homes built before 1978 is a given, Dr. Claire McCarthy of Harvard Health Publications says, but if the job includes a new bathroom or kitchen, she argues that pipes should be checked as well.

While remodelers and homeowners know lead is toxic, lead poisoning causes and symptoms can remain a mystery, especially to a homeowner. Here are some things McCarthy says every homeowner, and remodeler, should know:

  • The most common sources of lead poisoning you should be concerned about during a remodel are lead paint and lead pipes (which contaminate the water supply)
  • If a home is 38 years old or older, lead paint is a possibility. Get the house inspected before you begin your work.
  • If a home you’re working on does have lead paint, you need certification to remove it. If you don’t have certification, the EPA provides a list of certified professionals.
  • If your remodel includes a bath or kitchen, check with the proper authorities about the home’s water. Always get the water tested if you aren’t sure about lead content.

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