MarketWatch's Daniel Gold takes a look at recent demand for contractors willing to add a medical marijuana "grow room", in light of its recent recreational legalization in over 20 U.S. states.

According to marijuana advocates, the decriminalization has led to an expanding industry in home remodeling. In order to grow the plant, users require a variety of specific additions including high-voltage metal halide electric lamps, high-capacity intake and exhaust fans, and proper heavy-duty electrical wiring and plumbing. 

“No contractor would touch stuff like this a year ago,” said Eli Bilton, the chief executive of the Attis Group , an online marijuana supply company in Portland, Ore. “They didn’t want to be on a job site where cannabis plants were around,” he said.

Some developers are even using grow rooms as a standard amenity:

... in Washington, D.C., after voters in the District approved an initiative in November 2014 that legalized recreational marijuana use for adults beginning this February, Eric Hirshfield, a real estate developer, is adding grow closets to some of his condominium projects.

“I like to include a unique amenity in each of my condo projects like a wine cooler or a dog washing station and this year the grow closet is the hot amenity for 2015,” Hirshfield said in an interview. “It’s a sign of the times,” he said.

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