The advent of the Tesla Powerwall is helping more homeowners go off the grid or lower their energy bills. For the most part, utilities have been upset by this becuase it means less business for them, causing them to raise rates on their customers to make up for the lack of revenue.

Vermont utility Green Mountain Power doesn't see it that way. CEO Mary Powell is helping Vermont residents take advantage of the Tesla Powerwall. Fast Company staffer Ben Schiller writes:

Green Mountain Power recently became the first utility in the country to offer the Powerwall, but it's not simply being Tesla's dealer. Customers can buy a 7KW system outright. Or, they can also grant GMP access to the battery should the utility need it and have GMP effectively subsidize the cost. The utility is offering to pay Powerwall customers a credit of $37.50 a month on their bill, reflecting the value of the unit to the wider network.

At $6,500 (including installation), Powell says the main benefit to customers at this stage will probably be as a back-up system. Effectively, it is an alternative to getting an oil-powered generator.

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