Architect Deryl Patterson waxes both practical and creative in her take on one of new-home and remodeling floor-planning's nagging dilemmas: the tub question.

Patterson zeroes in on the experience of working moms--from a personal vantage point--and discusses the space-use issues as well as the experience of luxury and self-pampering, important factors for home builders to address in their designs. Patterson writes:

A bathtub remains a desirable feature if the space allows for it. I recommend freestanding vessel tubs. This is a modern adaptation of the old fashion claw footed tub. These stunning pieces become artwork of their own. The key advantage to a freestanding tub is the space saved as opposed to a large built in, leaving more space for your palatial shower. I like the tubs when they are in front of the large seamless glass shower. This showcases the tub as a focal design point and adds visual depth to the room, enhancing the open feel of the space.

If you have the space for both a tub and a shower, go big with the shower and minimize the tub. If space is at a premium, simply go with a large high end shower that welcomes you every time you step into your personal oasis. Regardless, keep the functionality of the design in mind.

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