As a small business, you can’t take just everyone’s calls asking for a free estimate. You aren’t only wasting time, but also money. Here are three ways you can eliminate that burden, without alienating future customers:

  1. Create a focused platform to present your business’ process. This could include a combination of words and useful graphics.  This way, if someone calls about your expertise, you can direct them to the website. Doing this will ensure that everyone who calls for your expertise gets the same information.
  2. Make sure that you explain on your website why estimates are free, but a fixed cost proposal requires that they pay you a fee. This is a way of ensuring that you don’t just continue to dole out advice for free without any profit coming to your business. 
  3. Before committing to plans, require a return visit from a business prospect. You need to sit down with them in order to move forward on any proposal. This can be done by being more selective with projects which in turn require you to do less estimates and proposals. This allows you to better focus on fewer projects and not stretching you and your business too thin. 
By committing to fewer estimates and proposals you will gain the time you need to put together and present proposals that differentiate your business from other contractors. By being different you will attract clients who want different. Consumers who want different know they have to pay more to get it.
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