Bloomberg's Patrick Clark reports on a gruesome new service called DiedInHouse,  a sort of Carfax for homes that tells prospective buyers who mysteriously  died in your possible dream home. 

After hearing that a home he had just purchased was "haunted," Roy Condrey took to Google in search of information--and all he found were more searches asking "How do i find out who died in my home?"

Seeing a need, Clark created the website Diedinhouse, which allows potential home buyers to learn about any deaths, violent or otherwise, on a single address, for $11.99.

Even though it's common for homebuyers to want to know whether a violent crime occurred at their dream house, many states have lax laws regarding what sellers have to disclose.

Stigmatized properties, which is a polite way of describing the scene of a horrible crime, often sell at a 10 percent to 15 percent discount shortly after the event, said Randall Bell, a Laguna Beach-based appraiser who specializes in real estate damages.

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