Fast Company's Ben Schiller takes a look at a cool new robot that's not afraid to get its hands (or wheels) dirty.

The Q-Bot, designed to crawl in the smallest of crawl spaces, goes under the floorboards, scans the space, then delivers an insulating foam. The company behind the device says the process is cheaper and easier than pulling up the floorboards, and the resulting energy-savings could run around $300 a year in utility costs.

Q-Bot also offers a surveying service, allowing contractors to look for leaks, assess infrastructure, and the like. And it's working on a bot able to climb up walls, inside and outside of buildings, and apply insulation ...

Robots are likely to do an increasing amount of construction in the future: from laying bricks to painting the outside of buildings.

Holloway says the use of robots can be enabling for workers (and it needn't end their jobs either). "There's nothing wrong with human labor but, if you look at any other industry, they've empowered the workers," he says. "The robot can survey and spray an area automatically. But it can't drive the van to the site. It can't open the front door of the house," he says.

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