Photo courtesy Construction Contractor Advisor
Photo courtesy Construction Contractor Advisor

When that OSHA inspector shows up on your site, there's no need to be nervous about what he may or may not be searching for. According to Craig Martin, CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR ADVISOR, the things that the agent is looking for are not as big a secret as you may think. 

The answer lies in OSHA's top ten citation standards. By looking at the 2015 list you can see their most often cited violations so that you may be prepared for them:

"So, when OSHA comes knocking, you know the top ten areas they are investigating. And, if you are on a construction site, you know they are going to look hard at fall protection, scaffolding and ladders."

Head over to CONSTRUCTIONS CONTRACTOR ADVISOR to learn ore about having your construction site ready before your next OSHA visit. 

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