Tight on space? Consider creating a mini-office right in the kitchen! Houzz.com gives some pointers on how to make the kitchen a space to sort mail, charge your electronic devices, stash cookbooks, pay bills, and a cozy spot to work at home.

Houzz.com suggests taking these six things into consideration to create an effective kitchen office space: 

  1. Make sure your office space is located out of the way of your kitchen work zone. 
  2. Ensure that your kitchen space has places for corralling and charging electronics so they are out of the way of cooking ingredients that may tamper with your electronics.
  3. Make sure to include ample storage space by including baskets. 
  4. Keep track of invitations, bills, and other items by installing a cork board to keep things out of the way
  5. Include shelving to keep cookbooks handy
  6. Create a well-light kitchen and office space by using overhead lights for proper reading. A way to do this is by installing lamps and under cabinet light fixtures to keep your desk and counter spaces illuminated. 
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