Houzz Australia contributor Sophie Seeger breaks down seven tips to overcoming common design dilemmas that are fit for any home or space.

  1. Seeger suggests adding stripes as they can visually expand a room to appear wider than it actually is. Make sure the stripes are horizontal so that the eye can easily travel from left to right. Seeger also suggest that for small rooms, an all-white color palette can help “alleviate any feelings of being cramped in a narrow space.”
  2. Create a welcoming and cozy room by painting a small room in a bold color. Enlarge a room also by add full-length mirrors so that light can easily bounce off of it.
  3. A free-standing divider can create more individualized space in an open floor plan
  4. Make a feature out of the inner workings of your home by exposing plumbing by painting the pipes to stand out. Doing this adds eloquent and industrial touches to a home.

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