Balancing parenting with work life can be a challenge for any industry. Running your own remodeling business can be tough work. And it can be even tougher when you have a family to take care of. COO and Co-Founder of Okta, Frederic Kerrest breaks down seven steps you can take to achieving a work-life and parenting balance.

  1. Being in constant communication with whomever is taking care of the children is essential. For Kerrest, he talks with his wife regularly throughout the day and schedules designated monthly date nights so that they stay on the same page.
  2. Schedule everything out so you don’t overbook and block off time for taking the kids to after school activities, reading time, family dinners, and more.
  3. Avoid staying past the clock. If you can do work at home, spend time with your family first and then finish the rest of the work once the kids are in bed. However, be sure to be a regular presence at home, “even if you’re sometimes behind your computer screen or doing your own thing.”

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