Photo courtesy Debra Kling Colour Consultant 
Photo courtesy Debra Kling Colour Consultant 

While your client may want to use their favorite shade of blue or red in their living room, a more strategic way for them to apply this color in their home is to use it in a powder room. 

Striking colors can add a different feel to rooms in which people spend less time. Jennnifer Ott, HOUZZ, gives seven bold colors to use in a powder room, including spicy orange: 

"Powder rooms are often cramped and have little wall space for artwork or other accessories. That’s why I love an eye-catching color on the wall, such as a hot orange. It can stand on its own as the only decorative element you need in such a tight space."

Head over to HOUZZ to learn more about the other striking colors for your client's powder room. Also check out the images below:  

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