Photo courtesy Arcadia Custom Homes & Renovations
Photo courtesy Arcadia Custom Homes & Renovations
Calming, cozy, and intimate/romantic. This is the ideal ambiance that respondents to a HOUZZ survey would like to see in their master bedroom. 

If you have a client looking to create this atmosphere in their master bedroom you should suggest colors such as shades of gray, blue, green, or purple. Jennifer Ott specifically suggests an icy blue:

In the quest for colors that soothe and relax, I always recommend turning to nature for inspiration. One such hue is the color of the sky on a crisp, clear day. This is one of my favorite bedroom shades for folks who want something a little more colorful than gray but don’t want anything too dark.

To see the other colors for creating a calming bedroom, head over to HOUZZ and also take a look at the photos below:

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