NAHB has released estimates of spending on improvements to owner-occupied housing by zip code.  The estimates are based on a model relating improvement spending to five key variables.

National Association of Home Builders economist Paul Emrath curates the context of this new data offering, asserting the estimates show total spending on improvements, as well as improvements per occupied home in an area, in each zip code.

The fun begins with individual market observations. Emrath writes:

The zip code with the highest total spending on improvements is in Maryland; and the next four are in Texas. The four Texas zips have at least 20,000 owner-occupied homes; and the one in Maryland has over 15,000 (compared to the median of 1,362). Only zip codes in large metropolitan areas are likely to contain that many homes. The one in Maryland is a close-in suburb of Washington DC. Three of the Texas zip codes are in the Houston metro area; the other in Dallas-Fort Worth. In addition to a large-number of homes, these five zip codes are also characterized by college educated home owners with above-average incomes.

A lot to learn from this data.

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