An Internet feud between a Maryland remodeling business and a popular YouTube channel is heating up. It started when Jenny Keller, a vice president at the remodeling company, sent a letter to the YouTuber's employer disagreeing with "anti-feminist and anti-Muslim rhetoric" published to the channel.

The owner of the channel, Dr. Phil Mason (a.k.a. Thunderf00t), responded publicly: 

"Mason saw the letters, and subsequent YouTube videos promoting Keller's campaign, as an effort to get him fired, and responded in kind. Mason posted a series of videos divulging Keller's name and business address (she named herself in her own videos), and encouraging his supporters around the world to review the company she leads with her husband, Paul Burns."

Burns claims she has apologized and is the victim of "economic cyber terrorism." 

"I don't know how to make this go away," Burns told WUSA9 on Thursday. "We've apologized. This has nothing to do with my business. They're really hurting the wrong people. They want to hurt her. She taunted them in the video and said 'you can't hurt me.' Well, yes they can."

For more, including links to the videos, click over to WUSA 9 for the full story. 

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