In its weekly Q&A series, “Ask Real Estate” the New York Times answers a question on dealing with lead paint in an apartment building.

Lead exposure can cause irreversible health damage, particularly to young children. Lead paint poses a greater health risk across the country than the lead contamination in Flint, Mich. Lead paint can be found in homes that were built before lead paint was banned in 1978. Lead chipped and peeling paint in particular poses a big threat to toddlers who put things in their mouth. Lead paint chips can be found usually around doors and windows, where paint chips away from opening and closing.

With respect to the New York City, thew New York Times advises that, "If any areas need to be repainted, demand that your landlady hire a professional painter certified in lead paint remediation. You should vacate the premises until the work is complete to avoid breathing in any lead dust. Your landlady cannot raise your rent for remediating lead paint, as this is her responsibility, according to David A. Kaminsky, a Manhattan real estate lawyer."

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