Photo courtesy Innovative Construction Inc. 
Photo courtesy Innovative Construction Inc. 

Color management company Pantone has made their decision(s) for the 2016 color of the year and they are Serenity (a softish purple-blue) and Rose Quartz (nude-pink hue).

Jennifer Ott reports that these two colors were chosen as a representation of the blurring and blending of gender lines, which has also occurred in fashion. Furthermore, these colors can be great suggestion for your clients in multiple rooms, such as the kitchen: 

Blue is thought to be an appetite-suppressing color, making it a non-traditional color for a kitchen or dining room (unless you are on a diet, of course). But I like it for kitchens because it offers a cooling vibe in a space that can get overheated from cooking.

For more information on Pantone's co-colors of the year, head over to HOUZZ. Also check out the images below:

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